fredag 27 maj 2011

Staying inside.

I dag har vi grått och regnigt här i Dalarna, men det känns ganska skönt.
Jag ska ha en riktig inomhus dag med städning och en massa fix!

I morgon däremot vill jag ha högsommarvärme hela dagen lång när vi får flera trevliga övernattande middagsgäster...

It's grey and rainy today here in Dalarna, but for me it's perfect. That means stay inside and clean the house day.
Tomorrow on the other hand I want a warm and sunny day, beacause we have guests staying over...

see - you - later


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irene sa...

Mys inne i dag, så håller vi tummarna för att solen skiner på er i morgon!

Kram Irene

Anonym sa...

Hey, our good weather is gone, too! But I need the cloudy and rainy weather for the garden and for staying inside to do a good house-wife job!´s seems that over the last days everything turned out dirty.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Hemma hos Märtha sa...

Hejsan Susanne!
Här nere i Borås regnar det oxå!! Jag som städade igår i förhoppning på att kunna vara ute idag....:-)
Ha rn rikigt mysig helg!

Unknown sa...

A day inside can be very inspiring, too and I'm very much looking forward to seeing which ideas come to your mind inside ;)
I'll keep my fingers crossed for great weather at your place tomorrow, so you'll have a great time with your guests.

Your pictures are gorgious again. Love them!


Jeannette sa...

I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada and I want to take a moment to tell you how much enjoy your blog. Your home is beautiful - relaxed and warm. Today I especially like the dressing shelf you have! I may have to build one for myself. Brilliant use of space since I live in an small old home in the city. Enjoy your day inside your lovely home.

Anonym sa...

It's grey here I will have fun inside today, starting with you, a coffee, and breakfast of natural peanut butter and orange!

Ciao Bella!


♥ Fyra årstider sa...


Å vilka fina bilder...du är duktig och har så fint.

Kram Lotta


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