fredag 27 maj 2011

mixing fabrics

I'm a bit tired of our chairs in the dining room. They feel pretty boring right now. They are timeless and works great togheter with the table, but need something to make them more interesting.

Maybe if I change the fabric on them. If they all get a different look with old vintage fabrics in similar colors...

What do you think about that?

Now I will get back to  our mother and son night. We are by our selfes this evening watching movies...


3 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

I love your blog! your style is fab! coming from Common Ground.
Sometimes for clients I repaint only the back of the chairs in a slightly lighter or darker color. Pale grey or a light taupe would make a subtle but cool difference.


Fru N och villa Någorlunda sa...

Underbara stolar! Jag önskar jag hade likadana. Olika tyger blir säkert jättefint, men tycker ofta att det enkla är det vackra och att de är finast just som de är :)

Du har en underbar blogg full med inspiration! Pernilla

Anna at the Doll House sa...

Hello Susanne

Why change something that is already perfect?



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