fredag 27 maj 2011

RL's chic retreat

I think Ralph Laurens NYC apartment is to die for! Love this livingroom.

Don't you?

If he added some seashells I could live there too!  ;)

Have a nice Friday! Tomorrow I'm guestblogging at Design Day by Day!


4 kommentarer:

irene sa...

Ha en fin helg!

Klem Irene

Anonym sa...

Wonderful! Having an appartment in NYC is always to die for, or? If I had a wish for free, my greatest wish is to live in NYC for one year!!! That must be great!! But it´s a dream.....sigh!!
But I´m happy, in October we were going to fly to NYC for one week again. Hurray!!!
Have a lovely evening,

n o r d i n g å r d e n sa...

Tusen tack för fin reklam Susanne om vår loppis!!! och så kul att du kommer!!! Vi ses! mari.

Cez sa...

all what Ralph touch is to die for!!!!!! Love it!!!
have a sweet weekend


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