torsdag 26 maj 2011

outside dining

I'm outside working today, and earlier I looked at the computer for some inspiration on outside dining areas.

Then this came up!!! WOW!

This is absolutely where I want to live when I grow up!  ;)

hope - the - sun - is - shining - on - you - too


8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

At once I will move to this lovely place.....soooo wonderful!!
Yes, our sun is shining and it´s very hot outside!
Have a lovely shining day, too!

sylvia sa...

helt vidundelig vakkert.
klem fra sylvia

Anonym sa...

Fantastiskt fint. skulle nog passa dig toppen tror jag.
Lina Daniels

Bygdegården sa...

wow! där skulle man få sitta och bara andas *vackert* Ha en härlig dag! kram /emma

Anonym sa...

May I come with you? I could be quiet and calm and could do your housework. But I would like to sit with you on this gorgeous table to admire this view!

Love and kind regards from Switzerland

Julia sa...

oj!! vart är det där, otroligt vackert!! /julia

Lauras gård sa...

Ser underbart ut! Kommer gärna över och gör dig sällskap om du flyttar dit! Kram Stina

Vintage Market Place sa...

WOW is right
breathtakingly beautiful


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