fredag 31 oktober 2014

Good morning.


Days like these I love waking up in my bed at home.
Being lazy and having my breakfast there and do some thinking about everything and nothing.
Then my day begins...
♥ Love Susanne

torsdag 30 oktober 2014


pics from my daughters room
Always have H O P E.
Love S

photo from our gardenroom - soup lunch

This year went really fast, and I feel I missed so much of it.
My mind have kind of been somewhere else.
First I separated from the man I did spend my last nineteen years with and at the same time my father got incurable cancer.
Last monday my lovely father passed away. It still feels so unreal that he is gone forever.
I miss him so, and guess I will for the rest of my life.
But now I know he is up there somewhere keeping my mother company.
♥ Love Susanne


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