fredag 4 mars 2011

A lady in my size

This pale lady moved in with us a while ago.
We are the similar size the two of us...

 But she is always in the way and she is not much of a help around the house, so maybe she has to move out again! ;)

have - a - wonderful - friday - dear - blogfriends


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Shabby soul sa...

I love this old window!!!!
Have a nice WE
Silvia sa...

Oh wrap a scarf around her neck so she could be os some help;) She's great:)Have a wonderful weekend.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

@nettes lilla blå sa...

Hon ser ut att frysa ;)

kramar @nette

Anonym sa...

She is beautiful, Susanne, but she definetly needs a decoration! Maybe some necklaces, brooches, scarves....
Have a lovely evening,

Piia sa...

I also have a lady my size in my very small apartment. She´s not pale, she´s a beautiful purple colour. But she, too, is always in the way:)

I really like those pics.

kråke sa...

Det var en skön dam:))

kram på dig å trevlig helg!!

kram kråke

Cindy sa...

You could always move that lady to my house, I could make very good use of her.
Hugs, Cindy

Amy sa...

oh I know what you mean, I have many antique pieces that I cherish but are just not meant to be in this home.
I move them here and there and it just seems that yes, they are in the way.
I hope you find a way to keep her.

♥ Fyra årstider sa...

Vilken snygging:)
Kram Lotta

Skumpa och Spaljé sa...

Loppis det hade varit kul.

Kram Helena.

Hemma på Landet sa...

Vilken fräsig sak.:-)

Christine sa...

;o) ... it's not my size but i wish it would...



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