tisdag 29 mars 2011


I dag blir det lite städning här hemma. Vi får fint främmande till kvällen från både Halmstad och Italien. Ska bli så trevligt!

Så efter kaffet blir det en svängom med dammsugaren och moppen, sedan blir det en mysig tjejlunch hemma hos Magda.

It's cleaningday in me and Alice house today. We are having guests tonight!
I'll start this day with my coffe, then I will dance around the house with my vacuum cleaner, and at noon I'm invited to a nice lunch at my friend Magda.

see - you -later - sweeties


7 kommentarer:

Hemma hos Märtha sa...

Vad mysigt att få gäster så långväga ifrån!!

jenny ~ house of jenny sa...

Hoppas ni får det trevligt!


Ann sa...

Looks like you have a great day ahead of you...
Enjoy and have fun ♥

Weißer Vintagezauber sa...

have a nice time......and this picture is great:o)))
Love greetings from Germany,

Nurrgula sa...

Have a nice evening then, Susanne! Ps is Magda from Poland? Cause Magda is a shortname from Magdalena in Poland. :) Regards! Kasia

Anonym sa...

Have my cleaning day, too today, but unfortunately no invitation for lunch! ;o( Instead of eating something nice I have to go to work in an hour.....sniiief! It´s seems as if your day will be nicer than mine, hehehehe.....
But you deserve it, dear Susanne!
Have a lovely day,

KarenSue sa...

Enjoy your day with guests! I read your blog everyday...just so you know.


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