torsdag 10 februari 2011


Today it says painting on my schedule...

White painting,
but first my coffee!

See - you - later

10 kommentarer:

. sa...

Samma här! Har en diger lista, och det är bara till att beta av projekten.

Kram Camilla

Rita sa...

white is the best!;) have a good day of painting!

Margherita Calati ph sa...

great composition, and... have a nice day with the painting!


Ingalill sa...

Lycka till med måleriet!! Väskan som du lottade ut, var det storlek var det på den? Har sett att den finns i tre storlekar.
Ta en kopp kaffe till..

Vida sa...

ja med lite kaffe i kroppen går det lite lättare;))

visar du sen vad som blev vitt??


Sea Angels sa...

Ohh I love the colours in your coffee so beautiful.. have fun painting
Lynn xxx

Alison At BrocanteHome sa...

Dear Suzanne, I have so much painting to do it is coming out my ears... and yet here I am blog hopping happily and pretending it isn't so...

Thank goodness you have the motivation to get off your bottom and actually do it!

Have a lovely day!x

Rosine sa...

Hej, white is okay!!!

Anonym sa...

Happy-White-Painting-Day, dear Susanne!!!
Sabine xx

Anonym sa...

Look, two of my favourite things...paintbrushes and coffee !!
Hope you pace yourself!
Can't wait to see what you are doing!

Ciao Bella!
Creative Carmelina


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