måndag 21 februari 2011

Like chocolate

photo unknown

This room look so nice with it's brown wodden floor and white details...

It reminds me of dark chocolate and cream!

Happy Monday folks!


6 kommentarer:

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design sa...

Just beautiful!

Seawashed sa...

love it...it is the colors of my cottage. ox

Stina sa...

Väldigt snyggt! Jag gillar också brunt mot vitt.

Anonym sa...

Så fint! Ibland önskar jag att man kunde göra om hela huset på 5 röda, så fort man såg nåt snyggt...;-)

Margherita Calati ph sa...

i love this ambient, agree with you :)

Catherine sa...

The hurricane lamp fixture is so beautiful!
- Catherine at The Spring


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