tisdag 3 december 2013

natural x-mas

photos Petra Bindel

De här bilderna var med i Elle interiör nr 9 och det är Petra Bindel som fotograferat.
Det är bara så galet snyggt och inspirerande! Så i dag ska jag banne mig pyssla en stund. Måste testa att göra några enkla vimplar av papper!
Kanske visar senare!
Kram kram!

6 kommentarer:

Curious Details sa...

Simple and natural are two of my favorites. Love these images.

Linda sa...

Åh, så fina bilder med massor av inspo.

Kram Linda

TantMossig sa...

Vilka fina bilder! Stiligt, ja så vill man ju ha det!


Nannette sa...

Love the first two photos, I might use them as an example to copy at home. Nice!!

Helene Aamlid sa...

Elsker det. I'm so sick of the normal Red and White Christmas decorations it's very refreshing to see something new.

I have a question I don't know if you can answer. I really want to start my own interior blog, but I don't have enough to take pictures of myself... Do you get these nice pictures from somewhere or do you take all of them yourselves? Can one you Tumblr for example?

me and alice sa...

Hello Helene!
I also love the natural christmas!
You can always use pictures from the Magazines and from companys, but always name the source where you found them.If you find a picture on pinterest or tumblr it can be tricky. If it's possible try to find the source and send them an email and ask for permission to use the picture.
Have fun with your blog! It's a great fun!

Susanne xo


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