torsdag 9 februari 2012


Jag hoppar i säng tidigt i dag också. Har fått tandvärk, grrr. I med en alvedon och hoppas det går över tills i morgon...

Ska drömma om favvostaden NY i natt.


Jumping to bed early today too. Have a bad toothache...

See you in the morning!


3 kommentarer:

beachcomber sa...

i love these kinds of drawings! hope the toothache gets better.

Anonym sa...

I hope with a little rest....and a visit to the'll be feeling better! Toothaches are absolutely dreadful...and no fun at all!

I love the drawing of New York makes me want to stop sewing things and pick up my pens and journal!

soon enough.....thanks for the inspiration you always provide....

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Anonym sa...

Oh, you poor girl, you....
I hope you are feeling better now and maybe after an appointment with the dentist you feel better.
What about the lovely NYC picture? Are you going to tell us that you will fly over there??? If so, I´m green with envy....hehehehe. This year is the first after many that we don´t visit this amazing town. Sniiiiieeef!
Have a good, painless start into this day!


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