torsdag 23 februari 2012

lazy day

pic from my office

Today the sun is shining and it's warm like a springday.

I will be lazy all day long and later take a long nice powerwalk!

Now I will have a coffee outside in the sun leaning against the wall on the sunny side and I will be thinking of my wonderful mum who I miss more than anything in this world.

It would have been her birthday today... ♥

enjoy - your - day - too


6 kommentarer:

Anci sa...

Lata dagar behövs ibland ! Det är härligt att få njuta.

Stor kram

{ My lovely Days } sa...

Så vackra bilder och vackert hem <3

Helena E. Källgren sa...

Väldigt vackert kontor!

Barn & Inredning sa...

Låter som en bra ide´......

Hoppas dagen blev som du tänkt.
Kram Malin

Sylvie sa...

I miss my mum too. Don't you often think, she could walk through the door right now and it would seem like no time had passed, and you wish you could sit down and talk to her about everything that has gone on since she left? I often feel that way:)

mammaxtre sa...

Lata dagar gör gott. Härligt med sol!

Ha det gott


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