tisdag 7 december 2010

Last day

Last day to join my little give away of my handmade christmas sign!

By the way, many thanks for all your tips and ideas about the kitchen yesterday. Haven't decided yet...


7 kommentarer:

SeelenSachen ♥ sa...

I love those signs! They are SO beautiful!
(But your whole blog is so beautiful... ;-) )

Greetings from Austria!


erin's art and gardens sa...

count me in...your sign would hang proudly in my home......
erin in tennessee

Jeanette sa...

jeg vil være med! skiltet er sååååå fint! krysser fingrene!

stor klem fra vinterkaldt Norge

Vintage is for Lovers sa...

Your gorgeous signs would fit perfectly in my home - all year round!

On a side note, I Love your blog. Have been following for months. Very inspiring. Happy Holidays!

AC sa...

Klart jag vill få chansen att bli lycklig vinnare till din fina julskylt :)
Kramiz AnnaCarin

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED sa...

I love seeing how you live so far away from us here where its humid and very wet at present!

Susanne T sa...

Å kan man vinna, jag har ju redan en men jag skulle gärna vilja ha en till.
Kram från Sus i Sala


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