onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Old favourites...

Some things we keep for years and we never seems to get tired of them. Here are a few of mine...

My old leatherboots, just looking better for every year I use them...

Necklaces in natural materials & colours... I never get tired of them...

And bags... Don't we all have far too many of them? Still there are only a few that are my absolutely favourites...

Have a great evening everybody! I still have some work to do before sleeping...
See you tomorrow!


12 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I have a few old favorites too - it never even crosses my mind to rid of them when I do my constant purging around here!
I love those boots - I might trade mine in for a pair like those! :)
Take care ~

Millas hem sa...

Ja, de där har jag sett
förrut va?=)
Gamla godingar som still going strong!=)


Ha en trevlig kväll!


Hemma hos Märtha sa...


Gillar dina stövlar!! Såååå snygga!!

Ha en mysig onsdagskväll!

Vida sa...

vilka läckra genuina saker..förstår att du håller krampaktigt om dom..tycker de speglar dej så fint..

jag har några gamla klänningar och stickade ollar från NoaNoa och Jackpot som jag aldrig kommer att skiljas ifrån:)


Annas skattkammare sa...

nje vissa saker tröttnar man aldrig på.. superfina stövlar och accesoarer! =)
Kram /Anna

swedishouse sa...

Hej Susanne

I have just returned home myself 30 mins ago...Dont work too hard...but deadlines are stressful I know. No worries...no pressure ...it is a fun thing.
Whenever you want to...

BTW Looove those boots x

Lille vildand sa...


Klem, J

SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla sa...

Vissa saker tröttnar man aldrig på!
Stilfullt :-)

Kram från Australien♥

Tierlantijn sa...

Got the same!! Bought them a couple of years ago all still happily wearing them!

Best wishes, Ilona

Anonym sa...

Please do tell where you bought those fabulous boots!

Texas, USA

Anonym sa...

Such a beautiful blog. So many lovely photos. I love my black rain boots, wear them when I have to walk Maggie in the rain ~ like this morning. :) Have a wonderful day! xox Alexandra

@jenhalloran sa...

I have been looking everywhere for those boots -- they're perfect! Would you mind sharing your source? LOVE the straw bag, too.

P.S. If it helps, I'm 1/4 Swedish! :-)


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