tisdag 11 oktober 2011

cleaning the closet

 fav-bags on my bedroomwall

old vintage shoes alice had a few years ago

Today Alice and I cleaned our closet!

First we totally emptied it, and then we only put back the clothes we know we will use!

Now it feels so good!

sleep - tight - dear - friends


6 kommentarer:

evalevabo sa...

Underbart härliga bilder. f
Fin blogg.
Kram Eva

mariasvitabo sa...

Snygga väskor! Alltid lika skönt att få rensa;)


Jeannette sa...

First off I love your blog and secondly I really love your wonderful home! I am from Toronto where we share similar weather and you have inspired me to go all white in my home.

For your closet cleaning project I wanted to share with you a little trick I recently heard of from a male friend of mine. Once a year, he turns all of the hangers in his closet backwards. Each time he wears an item, he puts the hanger back the other way. At the end of the year, if anything is still hanging with the hanger backwards, he donates to charity.

Keep posting your wonderful photos!

Johanna Stålros sa...

Tycker faktiskt att du ska komma hem till mig och göra det så där fint nu;) Kram Johanna

Enkel stil sa...

Jag gillar väskan i lappteknik. Riktigt läcker!

Anonym sa...

Hi Susanne! Cleaning the closet is a thing which I surely have to do, too! I´m always wondering how much it is inside and how many things I´m not wearing any longer. So everything I sorted out, I bring to the Red Cross center. They will give it to poor people.
In 10 days we are going to fly to NYC and therefore I need new space in my closet, hahaha....
Woodbury Outlet, I´m coming!!! But first of all I have to get rid off my cold, it seems that Alice is feeling better, isn´t she? All the best for her!
Have a lovely day!


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