tisdag 6 augusti 2013

cozy nits from New Zealand

A few days ago I received a nice email from Amy in New Zealand.
She showed me these beautiful chunky knitted throws that she designed, and I fell in love at once, and that wall...
Wow, I wish that was in our house.
The trows are all locally handmade of wonderful New Zealand wool and the measure is 1m x 1,5m.
If you are intrested in one the price is $480 New Zealand dollars plus postage.
Please contact Amy for more information, or if you want to place an order. She ship them anywhere for you.
HERE you will find Amys blog!
have - a - nice - day - xoxo

5 kommentarer:

Mirre Syr sa...

Wow, vilka underbara filtar! :)

Jessica - Svart på vitt sa...

Riktigt, riktigt snygga!


Dom var verkligen helt i min smak. Underbara ♥

Vintage Market Place sa...

Those are absolutely gorgeous.

FojAga sa...

Photo is great!


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