torsdag 24 november 2011

Chicken tonight!

Sorry for my bad update lately, I have been so busy these last days.

Today I had a wonderful day when a very dear friend came over for a visit.
Superkul att ses Lena

Now I'm on my way to town to pick up our darling Alice from her dance class...

Tonight I made us nice oven cooked chicken with garlic, rosemary and root vegetables for dinner. Yummi!
All the ingredients and the recipe from Prioleva.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friends who celebrates it!


3 kommentarer:

Tulla and Catie sa...

Your meal looks delicious! And I like your blog.

Lisbeth Williams sa...

Mmmmmm, det är inte utan att man blir lite hungrig! Och känner doften ända hit. //Lisbeth

debra@dustjacket sa...

That looks SO delicious, I love how you have photographed it.
xxx DJ


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