söndag 7 augusti 2011

so true

I just found this funny text and had to show you!

Sleep tight sweeties!


13 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

haha den var bra Suss!
Sitter o surfar med en väninna och hon har nu liksom jag blivit förälskad i din blogg.
mvh/ Kicki o Sonja

me and alice sa...

Hej Kicki & Sonja!
Åh gulliga ni, vad glad jag blir!
Kram Susanne

Ivy and Elephants sa...

This is fabulous and so true.


loulou sa...

Hello Suzanne

My first comment on your blog - I have viewed from afar for a while (with much admiraton).

I agree re the fruit thing - especially with my young children taking "my fruit" and I constantly ask where my iphone is (my apple as you put it)

keep well - see you next post


Anonym sa...

So right!
Í have an iphone, while my husband has a blackberry mobile!
What else could I say?? Hehehehe...
Have a lovely Sunday,

Heather Salazar sa...

That's funny and soi true!!!!

I told my husband for over a year we didn't need the iPhone now I can't imagine my life without it, sad, very sad.

Have a good one!

Min Svägerska och Jag sa...

Sååå smart sagt. hahaha
ösnakr dig en härlig söndag.
Kram Linda

Anci sa...

God morgon :)
Den är sååå bra. Det finns mycket tänkvärt här i livet...


Linruz sa...

Haha...den är ju klockren :)
Kram Lina

Aratorps Lena sa...

Åh Susanne den var så bra så jag måste låna den!? Går det bra? Kram Lena

Jojo sa...

It's so true. I have a love/hate relationship with these devices. It's amazing to be able to connect globally and communicate with family on Skype and FaceTime even when they are in other continents but being tied to work all the time means no break - ever.

Cez sa...

LOL... i shared it on FB!!!!! but try Apple and your life will be happier!!!! xxxx

me and alice sa...

Hehe, yes my next one will be a fruit. ;)


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