söndag 19 maj 2013

I love sundaymornings

love my new breakfast tray
 Lazy sunday mornings must be the best!
When you can wake up when you want and you can have your breakfast in bed.

coffee, fresh fruits, youghurt...

I hope you will have a great day too!
In a while it's time for my morning Power walk!

Sundaylove to you all!
Susanne xoxo

3 kommentarer:

Marina Pérez sa...

There's nothing better than Sunday breakfasts

Marina from Jerez (Spain)

The Rosegarden in Malevik sa...

Hej Susanne
ja inte gör det ont ngnstans inte :)
underbara bilder....
å missa nu inte.....

BLOGGPARTYT fortsätter....


Gabriella sa...

Härligt det ser ut på dina bilder! Underbart att få äta frukosten i lugn o ro.


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