onsdag 3 april 2013

lovely D-I-Y

I so much love this idea to give an old broken chair a new Life as a stand for clothes!
Don't you?
please - dont - throw - all - your - old - things - away
Happy day to you from S xoxo
Picture from Anthropologie

9 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Love love love and this gave me an idea!

after better sa...

so cute!!!!!

me and alice sa...

How nice Bree! Have a nice day!

Beata Yes isn't it a great idea!
/Susanne ♥

Angela sa...

Oh yes, that is indeed a lovely chair and a wonderful idea!

Johanna sa...

Superfyndigt,verkligen kul idé!
Varm hälsn Johanna

Salandas Welt sa...

A wonderful idea, I really LOVE it!
And your great blog!

Warm greetings from Germany,

Joan sa...

gonna make it!

Älskar stolen! sa...

Love it! Älskar stolen verkligen ;)

Anonym sa...

This is indeed a lovely DIY, such a good idea. I really need this in my bedroom ;) Have a lovely day ! Sarah


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