söndag 25 mars 2012

say it with words

Words on house wall via pure living interior.

A great DIY idea - tape nice words on your wall!

Taped words via norske interior blogger.

Why not write on a bag!

Bag from naco paris.

Why not frame your words!

piture via raccoonology.

Words on a rug! Design by Joaquim Ruiz Millet.

picture via design notes

Have a great time!
I have to go and write something inspiring now! ;)


3 kommentarer:

Shabby soul sa...

The first one is the one I absolutely prefere!
Have a nice week

Anci sa...

Jag gillar alla, tror jag ! Nu vill jag också skriva något någonstans :)


photoshop courses sydney sa...

I read your post. You allot such beautiful pix of words on house wall, in frame and so on. I like this amazing work so much.


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