tisdag 13 augusti 2013

ready for a fun week

Breakfast served in a jar this morning.
Med god frukost i magen rör vi oss nu mot Stockholm och några hektiska dagar med jobb och en massa kul!
Kom ihåg att du kan följa me & Alice på instagram också! Där kommer jag uppdatera så ofta jag bara hinner.
The beautiful towel  is crochet all in linnen, and is a gift from my friend Bettan.
We just started our day with a nice breakfast, youhurt, granola, blueberrys and lingonberrys. Yummy!
In a while we are going by train to Stockholm for a few days to both work and have a lot of fun.
Remeber that you can follow me and Alice on instagram. I will be posting on insta as often as I can!
see - you - later - alligator
Susanne xoxo

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