tisdag 5 april 2011

My moodboard

This is one of my moodboards!

In the easiest way I made it of an old frame with no glass. An old frame I have had since I was a teenager. Back then I had awful posters framed in it.
That was decades ago...

Now I put up nice pictures with pins on it instead...

A DIY that is quick and easy! Me like a lot!

Have a nice afternoon sweeties!


11 kommentarer:

Lollo sa...

Jaha ännu en ide som jag bara måste härma dej med.
Nu vill jag bara hem från jobbet och fixa o trixa.
Du är en fena på att komma på grejer.
Lollo <3

Anonym sa...

Love this Susan!


beachcomber sydney australia sa...

i love your mood board! thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!
cheryl x

Anonym sa...

How beautiful! Awful posters? What are you talking about, eh? Hehehehe....I´m thinking of an old Bay-City-Roller-Poster which hung in my room, phew! ;o(
I don´t want to think about it any longer....hehehehe!
Have a lovely day,

Beate sa...

love it!!!

klem beate

kråke sa...

I like it alot:))

kramis kråke

Amy sa...

love your memory board,
I used to fill closet doors with pictures and magazine pages, quotes and more. When they stopped making great magazines here i noticed I had no more memory boards, :(

Anci sa...

Det ser väldigt inspirerande ut !


Millygarden sa...

Snygg moodboard mitt problem är att jag har svårt att klippa i favotidningarna där dom fina bildern finns! Knäppt men sant!

Ha en fin vecka!
kram Marina

Olivilla sa...

That mood board sounds funny...I will try to so something similar!!!

Essay_writer sa...

i love your blog


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