måndag 4 april 2011

Dinner was grate, but...

Dinner tonight was great...

We just had a simple pasta with hot sausages and some vegetables.
After dinner I made a big dough for cinnamon buns, and everyone knows how messy your hands get after working a dough...

Guess if I was surprised when I went to the kitchen-sink to wash my hands, and there was NO WATER! Not even a drop! 
The water was gone in the whole village. So for ones I was happy that we still had some snow left outside.

I hope your Sunday evening ended in a much better way, hehe!

See you tomorrow sweet ones!

baker Susanne

4 kommentarer:

Priscilla sa...

Once when I was pregnant, the water went off while I was brushing my teeth. I reached for the only wet thing I could find - milk! I tried to rinse my mouth with the milk but it made me vomit! But she did that all the time with the least excuse!

Restoration House sa...

Thanks for the snow! lol. The food looks amazing!

Anonym sa...

Oh, what a pity! But thank God for the snow! ;o)
I wish you a wonderful start into the new week!

Anonym sa...

So bugging when the water goes off!
Yes, a very good thing you had some snow outside to rinse your hands in!

Ha en bra vecka!

Anna S


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