söndag 19 januari 2014


kopp från loppis, fat från höganäs
Good morning sunday and friends!
It's another cold and snowy winterday and I'm getting ready for a long nice walk.
What are your plans for today? Is it snow and cold where you live too?

blackboardko målad av Alice.

Later today we will have guests over for lunch/coffee and in the afternoon I have some work to do.
have - a - great - day - where - ever - you - are
Susanne xoxo

8 kommentarer:

Petra H. L. sa...

Czech Rep - sunny day without snow, early spring probably :-)
Love your blog !!!

me and alice sa...

Thank you Petra!
Sounds Lovely with spring so Close.
Have a great day!
Susanne ♥

Unknown sa...

Guten Morgen ;o)
ein schönes Bild und guten Appetit ..
LG petra

Joanna sa...

Here in Poland it's rainy and cloudy like autumn.We have no winter this year unfortunately.

me and alice sa...

Guten morgen Petra K!
Have a nice day in Germany!
Hugs Susanne

me and alice sa...

Hello Joanna!
Sounds like the weather we had a few weeks ago here in Sweden. Maybe the snow is on it's way to you in Poland.
Hugs and have a nice day!

Anonym sa...

Nice and warm in Arizona, no complaints, but in June,July and August not a very pleasant place to live in. Love your blog, you have great taste! I copied you and put a silver platter leaning on the stove in the kitchen. Thanks for your inspiration
Agneta Romano

me and alice sa...

Hello Agneta!
Thank you for your Lovely comment.
I can imagine how hot your summers must be...

So nice that I inspired you with the silverplatter.
Have a great day!
Love Susanne


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