söndag 6 oktober 2013

cozy & bubbly

Picture from ikea - photo by Ragnar Ómarsson

This great inspiration from Ikea just gave me an idea of how I will spend my sunday evening.
Just being lazy, sitting in a nice armchair and with my feet in a hot and bubbly footbath.
have - a - nice - sunday - evening - everyone
Susanne xoxo

3 kommentarer:

HOUSE of ADELA sa...

Å så skönt....så vill man spendera många höstkvällar:)

Kram till dig

Mirre Syr sa...

Låter som en väldigt bra idé!

Men vilade gjorde nog inte våra vänner på träff i Skåne! ;)

Elegant Ground Homeware sa...

Gorgeous arrangement :) I love it, thanks for sharing! A bit off the topic but please do an inspiration board for the bedroom, with 1000 thread count sheets and all that jazz. I just recently moved to a new home and I'm super excited about decorating but I don't know where to start! Thank you!


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