måndag 21 oktober 2013


Today I have had a fab day with Alice, our teen daughter. She had to stay home from school because of a sore throat.
Alice is a young lady who knows what she wants, and she definitely knows how to decorate her room.
I love her sense of style in both fashion and interior, and she just started blogging again on alice-kings.
Well my friends now I'm hungry like a lion! So I guess it's time to have dinner.
have - a - nice - evening
Susanne xoxo

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Söta lilla Alice. Minns henne för några år sen när hon hade en egen blogg. Hur gammal är hon nu?

Hälsning från Marika <3

me and alice sa...

Hej Marika!
Åh vad kul att du minns henne. Ja tiden springer iväg och om en vecka blir vår lilla smula 18 år!
Hon har en blogg nu också, tyvärr har hon inte lika mycket tid eftersom skolan tar massor av tid, men just nu bloggar hon ett tag igen.

Kram Susanne

Seawashed sa...

Alice is so cute...I like seeing her toes peeking out both sides. Funny how when you get older you cannot sit like that for very long anymore!


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