fredag 7 januari 2011


Here is a quick sneakpeak in Alice room, sorry but there's only detail pics today.

puss - och - kram - skumbanan


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signerat 71 sa...

Superfina bilder!!!
Kram J

Anonym sa...

Lovely, lovely, lovely....makes me want to see more!!! If Alice allows it to you!! :o)
Have a nice day,

Dessie sa...

Oh det ser spännade ut! Då väntar jag på fler bilder lite senare då. =)

Ha en bra dag

Kram Dessie

picturebook.. mine. sa...

Wonderful jewels!

Linruz sa...

Fint som snus som alltid.
Hoppas allt är bra med dig.
Kram kram Lina

Anonym sa...

I have seen on your daughters site that she is thinking of getting a tattoo, please talk her out of this. She is 15 and will regret it later ( when it is too late ). In England we call them tramp stamps...enough said.

Madonnaliljan21 sa...


Det serjättefint ut! Personligt in i minsta detalj.

Hoppas du får en fin fredag!

Kram Jenny

Anonym sa...

Håller med förra kommentaren! Shit vad snyggt!
Ni har verkligen öga för de här med inredning. Sådan mor sådan dotter!
Ha det så fint!
Matilda <3

swedishouse sa...

Hej Susanne

It's looking good!
Look forward to the full reveal ;-)

Anna S sa...

Really really pretty with all the browns and whites! Bet Alice will love her new room. Everything works together.

I love the porceline hand that holds the rings and jewlery. Will have to find something similar for myself.

Have a great Friday evening :)
Anna S


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