måndag 27 april 2015

From livingroom to studio

A few weeks ago me and my Children got a new idea. All three of us need a pretty large space for both work and study.
Why have the largest room for the tv?
(and we don't even watch a lot of tv)
So we changed rooms and it turned out just like we wanted it.
Will show you more pictures another day.
have - a - great - monday - afternoon

2 kommentarer:

Ninni - La Dolce Vita sa...

Underbart att se att du är tillbaka. Saknad! jättefint rum. Hoppas att ni får nöje av att ha ändrat om. Ninni

me and alice sa...

Åhhh, tack Ninni!
Du anar inte vad glad jag blir av din kommentar.
Jag önskar dig en underbar vecka!

Kram Susanne


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