onsdag 26 mars 2014

smash hit vase

The smash hit vase "Consilium" by Eva Levin is now avaliable to order.
Fist shown at Formex in january, the small vases by Eva Levin from Scandinaviaform was an instant success, and are now in production and ready for orders.
 - My ambition with the vases was to create a vase to put the flower in the spotlight, and without resting on a rim.
At the same time it has to be easy to add water even though the vase is very narrow, and in a size to fit the spring and summer flowers, Eva Levin says.

- Just collect a few single flowers or straws of grass on the way home from work, and bring nature in to your home. I wanted the design to give you the same visual appearance of how the flowers are growing in the wild, with a long visible stem.
The vases are made of porcelain, cork and copper, and are available in three different colours. They are sold exclusively online by Nordic Design Collective. 

You find them here!

Susanne xoxo

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