tisdag 26 november 2013


Sakta men säkert så blir hemmet nu pyntat inför advent och det är så mysigt...
Har ni börjat ännu?
Slowly our home get more and more x-mas decor for each day...
Have you started yet?
I love all the extra light, it's so well needed this dark time of the year.
Susanne xoxo

3 kommentarer:

stina sæm sa...

yes I love this time of the year, the candles, christmas carols and I love to decorate my home. Thak you for a beautiful blog
hugs Stína

me and alice sa...

Hello Stina!
Yes it's a very nice time for nice candles and cozy things!

Nannette sa...

Not yet Susanne, but seeing this lovely photo makes me want to get out all our Christmas decorations. So please, keep coming with your inspiring photos!


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