söndag 1 september 2013


Found this golden necklace in one of my drawers earlier today. I bought it on a vacation for about thirty years ago in east Africa, but I still don't know what the text means. ;)
Sweet Dreams
Susanne xoxo

4 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

Vackert är det i alla fall. :)

Kram Linda

Unknown sa...

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LiseLotte sa...

Vackert smycke!
Jag skulle också vara nyfiken på texten. Jag urskiljer inga bokstäver men det gör du antar jag.


Veronica Roth sa...

It's a very pretty necklace Susanne. Not so much in Britain, but in Vancouver I get a lot of Mandarin or Japanese writing on things. Sometimes I have a student with me who can translate. I always love finding these things out. Hope someone reads your post and can help you out. :)


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