tisdag 30 juli 2013

surf girl

Posting a small photo collage from Alice room this afternoon.
She's all into surfing and skateboarding right now and it really shows in her room!
Palmtrees, Beautiful colours and seashells...
Planning work is on my schedule the rest of this grey and a little bit rainy day.
have - a - nice - afternoon
/S xoxo

4 kommentarer:

Ady sa...

Nice post! kiss ady
Ubique Chic

me and alice sa...

Thank you Ady!

Jeane M. sa...

Love the summer inspiration in here. Got me craving for some mint tones right now. Got my eye on your next posts.

Jenny - Hemtrender sa...

Härligt det ser ut=) jag har själv bokat en surfresa till Portugal i september.. blir spännande och se hur detta går!:)

Ha en fortsatt fin sommar, jag kommer inte till Formex nu men hoppas vi får möjlighet att ses ngn annan gång i höst.



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