lördag 27 augusti 2011


pillow made of a t-shirt bought in NY

Jag undrar hur det är just nu för alla på Amerikanska östkusten där stormen Irene drar fram.
Hoppas verkligen det blir lindrigare än de tror...
Usch, jag tycker det händer nog med hemskheter runt om i världen som det är redan nu. 

Tonight I'm thinking of everyone that is affected by the hurricane Irene!  Ahh, those terrible hurricanes, it's enough of disasters around the world as it is already. We don't need another one...

Peace & Love friends


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Katz NYC sa...

So pretty! Love the punch of color and edgyness that pillow gives to the room. And yes, here we are waiting to see what happens with Irene. Exciting times.

Anonym sa...

You are right! All the poor people over there who are frightened and wait for the hurricane.
We are going to fly to NYC in 8 weeks and I´m happy about the fact that we don´´t fly now!
Let´s pray that they will have a bit of luck and Irene will become smaller and less dangerous! Hopefully!

PS. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! :o)

@my casa sa...

Usch ja, det räcker verkligen nu!

Modigt med det gröna inslaget-men det lyfte:)

Kram Åsa

Anonym sa...

snyggt med kudden!
har en kusin i new york som vi är oroliga för just nu.
tack för din fina blogg susanne.

Laura @ 52 FLEA sa...

Thanks for your well wishes Susanne! We are hoping for the best while preparing for the worst! :)

Johanna Stålros sa...

Ja kan det inte bara råda ett lugn vad det gäller krig, vädergudar och andra våldsamheter nu......Snygg grön kudde. Kram Johanna

loulou sa...

Hello Susanne

Well said!

Peace, love and prayers with everyone for safety and wellness.
Stay strong.


Ivy and Elephants sa...

We are all praying with you my dear.


Emmelie sa...

Hej Susanne

Tack för en underbar blogg och en fantastisk inspirationskälla!

Jag måste få fråga vart den vackra stolen på Alice rum kommer ifrån!

MVH Emmelie

Anna-Malin sa...

men å, vilket fint soffbord!!!
jag gillar :)

kram kram

Roberta sa...

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for the eastern coast of USA. Not as bad as expected. Thank God! xoRoberta


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